We have contributed with our pipe support knowledge in many different projects, from the Ekofisk 2/4J in 1995 to the Johan Sverdrup field center in 2020.
Not only have we contributed to a good and safe pipe support design, but we have also developed the pipe support design standards and philosophies to achieve even better pipe support solutions.

Below you can see where we have been involved in the pipe support design.

  • ELDFISK 2/7S ConnocoPhillips (2015)
  • GJØA Neptun Energy (2010)
  • ETTRICK Nexen (2009)
  • ORMEN LANGE Norske Shell (2007)
  • TROLL A (TPK) Equinor (2005)
  • KVITEBJØRN Equinor (2004)
  • GRANE Equinor (2003)
  • TUNE SUBSEA Equinor (2002)
  • STENA DON Stena Drilling (2001)
  • ÅSGARD B Equinor (1999)
  • OSEBERG ØST Equinor (1999)
  • EKOFISK 2/4J ConnocoPhillips (1996)