You CAN choose to plan and perform your pipe support design like this:

  • Let the piping engineer route the pipes
  • Let the pipe stress engineer do the analysis for the stress critical pipes
  • Let a pipe support designer (or the piping engineer) model, draw and issue the pipe supports
  • Finished

BUT then you must ask:
Are the following requirements fulfilled?

  • Weight saving design
  • Fabrication friendly design
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Passive fire protection requirements (PFP)
  • Blast requirements
  • Requirements for attachment to restricted or no-go areas
  • Requirements for pipe supports inside tanks
  • Requirements for pipe support attachment on floating installations
  • Optimal material selections
  • Requirements for attachment to mechanical equipment
  • Pipe support framework calculation
  • Calculation of pipe support details (shoes, trunnions, guides, stops etc.)
  • In-dent calculation of pipe wall
  • Isolation pad calculation
  • Bracing of small bore branches (FIV/AIV)
  • Special consideration for small bore piping
  • Etc.

Pipe Support Verification is here to ensure that all of the above (and more) are taken care of.
Invest in pipe support and your pipe support design will be cost-effective and safe.