Pipe Support Verification

Pipe Support Verification goal is to deliver the best pipe support design on your installations.

The pipe support design has too often been a neglected and low priority part of oil & gas projects. The end product of this will be an insufficient pipe support design. This will lead to unwanted repairs and maintenance. It could also result in serious accidents.

Pipe Support Design in a factory

Invest in pipe support design to increase safety and save cost

Are all the requirements for your pipe support design fulfilled?

pipe support material


Pipe support philosophies around the world include both carbon steel material (CS) and different types of stainless steel material (SS) for pipe support frames and pipe support standard details.

Pipe Support Calculation

Pipe Support Calculation

Each pipe support need to have the strength and flexibility to ensure the safety and quality of the pipe systems.

About pipe support design

The common opinion of the pipe support design as a straight forward and simple task, usually change when the real nature of a good pipe support design is revealed. There are several issues that make a good pipe support design complicated to achieve (i.e. the compromise between structural requirements, piping requirements, Insulation, passive fire protection, blast requirements, material choices, etc.).

Pipe Support Verification AS offers different services that always will be specified to meet each customer’s special needs. Whether the service is verifications, courses, or counseling, the main objective is to ensure a good pipe support design for our customers. A pipe support design that will contribute to safe piping design and contribute to weight and cost reduction to any project/installation.

To achieve this we use our 25 years of experience and our good knowledge about applicable standards (NORSOK, Eurocode, ASME, Kellogg etc.).

Pipe Support Verification is a Norwegian based company, but we offer our pipe support design services worldwide.

Contact us for an informal conversation about your company’s needs and what we can do to help your company.

Pipe Support Design Philosophies

Take a moment to watch our technical conversations with Luuk Hennen (Engineeringtrainer.com) regarding pipe support philosophies. Our two first conversations gives tips and examples showing our views of an effective pipe support design philosophy. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2: